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A Question of Balance / $2450

“I started this painting with a sky of starkly contrasting opposites. Like many of my recent works the subject of contrast of opposites (as in light & dark, hope & fear, joy & sadness, etc.) is prevalent. The idea of life as a balancing act & the image of a gymnast came next.

We each exist on the tightrope of the present moment. We maintain our balance by TRUST (symbolized by the figure’s closed eyes).

We are lovingly watched over and supervised from higher levels (symbolized by the image in the upper left).

The opposites of duality (good & bad) in which we live are symbolized by the white & black bird. Actually they both support us when both are accepted without judging and superimposing conflict.” Erik

Price: $2,450

36”x36”/unframed/acrylic latex on canvas


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