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"Amelia Blunt" $800

Amelia lived a very secluded life. For example, she would only shop the grocery store in the late afternoon. When she did shop for clothes, she would plan to shop an hour before closing. This way she could keep her head down and not be bothered by anyone.

She worked at home on her computer, selling her wares supporting herself and accumulating quite a nest egg.

Amelia’s shyness resulted in few acquaintances outside of her family. However, Amelia was at the point of reaching out, and attracting some form of companionship.

Amelia knew she had to push herself out of her comfort zone and ease into a conversation with someone…. But who?

Amelia decided to adopt a dog from the shelter. This way she could walk around the neighborhood and start greeting other dog walkers.

This led Amelia to meet a single man at the dog park. Each meeting offered a new outlook on her future and little by little her shyness evaporated.

The young man she met is now meeting her three times a week at the dog park with his great Dane. She just knows in her heart he is working up the courage to ask her out on a dinner date.

also available as print on demand/ see prints section


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