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"Bernice"/ latex, ink & dye on canvas/ 20"x16"/ $300


Bernice loves the outdoors and spends most of her time walking in the woods admiring what nature shows her. She especially admires birds and has read many books on birdwatching. One day she discovered a nest tucked high in a hollow tree. It held one single egg. As Bernice looked around the mother bird was nowhere to be seen! As she contemplated what should be her next move, she heard a tiny peep and looked down at her feet where she discovered a beautiful baby bird. Bernice picked him up and cuddled him in her arms looking over his tiny body for any injuries, finding none she carefully took him home, leaving the one remaining egg in the large nest. Returning day after day to see if the mother returned or the egg had hatched. As Bernice stretched her body to reach once again the nest gave way and landed on her hat cradling the nest and keeping the one egg intact. Bernice laughed and while pushing her hat away from her eyes she made her way home.


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