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"Captain Nathan" $1200

Nathan sits in his deck chair on his seaworthy yacht. He is warmly wrapped in his favorite smoking jacket, puffing his pipe and contemplating his seafaring adventures.

Nathan’s wife, Colleen, has become very familiar with the yacht’s upkeep. She gives it all her attention. After all, it’s been their home for more than 30 years.

Despite the endless maintenance, Colleen has only one complaint; her husband’s smoking jacket needs a good washing! However, getting Nathan’s beloved jacket away from him has proved to be a challenge but Colleen does have a plan!

With the calm seas, and cover of night, she wakes to Nathan’s loud snoring, retrieves the smocking jacket and, in a hurried tiptoe, heads toward the washer. After the spin cycle finishes, Colleen decides to air dry the garment rather than use the dryer (in fear of shrinking the garment). She securely hangs the garment to the rails of the yacht and plans to rescue it before dawn. At first light, Colleen hurries to the deck and is about to reach for the jacket when a huge swordfish leaps out of the ocean mistaking the garment for bait, impales it and carries it back into the sea!

How is she going to explain this to Nathan? She knows he will be devastated and heartbroken (as attached as he is to his smoking jacket).

Colleen takes her laptop and frantically searches on Amazon, trying to find a replacement.

Her persistence prevails and she finds one that is delivered and dropped onto the deck of the yacht by a special Amazon drone that very morning. Delighted, she places the new smoking jacket on the chair. Thankfully Nathan is still snoring away!

also available as print on demand/ see prints section


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