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Cersei (Shapeshifter) $295

“The Shape Shifter Society has always been in place helping to uplift human consciousness, working in the background since the dawn of man. One hundred years from now, mankind with its high speed technology will correct itself and merge with this society, becoming one. In truth it already has, we’re just not aware of it. We have shifted onto a parallel reality, prepared by the shape shifters eons ago, where we will realize our thoughts are a seed, a point of energy. Our thoughts have enough intent, emotional impact and conviction of belief to take root and stimulate materialization. This is our world now! This truth will impact universal consciousness in ways we can’t even imagine at present. Our minds will accept peace, and love. Abundance will reach into every corner of life on the planet. All has been transformed into its perfect expression of itself.

The shape shifters are helping in this gradual transformation, this recognition of our true nature. We will finally see who we really are…….LOVE.”


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