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Chyna & Crista/ latex, ink & dye on canvas/ 24"x24"/ $345


As you can see, Chyna has decided to color her hair blue. She went to a salon and picked out the color herself. Since her hair is super fine, she had it pulled back in in a twist. It was unusual for Chyna to change her appearance and even go to a hair salon, but she felt she needed a change. The very next morning she sat in her garden with her beloved cat, Crista, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face. She closed her eyes going into a deep meditation, when a crow landed on top of the gate next to her and started pulling at her hair, viewing it as a lovely addition to his new nest under construction. Both Chyna and Crista were startled and quickly headed for the house. Chyna noticed the bird was on her shoulder, still pulling at her blue hair! Chyna stopped and asked the crow why he was so fascinated with her blue hair. The crow responded …” I’m trying to build a beautiful nest to impress a certain lady crow”. Chyna understood and thanked the crow for allowing her to be a part of such a gift of love!


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