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"Dance Class"/ latex, ink & dye on canvas/ 22"x28"/ $375


Gertrude was looking at the ads on Craigslist when she came across a dance class near her home. She always fancied herself as a world-renowned professional dancer. As a young child she loved to watch The Ed Sullivan Show and especially The Dean Martin Show waiting in anticipation to see the dance numbers. Gertrude would fly around the living room copying their every move! She hesitantly called the number in the ad and made an appointment to join the class.

on her arrival she was amazed at the group of young ladies dancing to the rhythm

of the Michael Jackson song “Beat It”. Gertrude shyly joined the group and tried to keep the beat, snapping her fingers and slowly swaying her hips, WOW! She thought, she quickly realized she’s out of her league, but she can still try! The important thing is that she has fun.


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