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Frilly Philomena (SOLD)


Philomena is devoted to her flower garden. Obsessed with the PH of the soil and other gardening issues such as: scheduled watering, fertilizing, correct placement of each variety of flower and the amount of sunlight per square inch … all calculated and logged in her garden diary. Every morning and evening she carefully walks through each section examining every flower for any discrepancies. Philomena checks under each leaf for signs of mites, caterpillars, ants, snails or other destructive parasitic invaders. When she does discover a problem she asks the flower devas to escort the trespassers to the edge of the garden where she has sectioned out an area allowing plenty of nourishment for the insects to enjoy.

Philomena is the porcine embodiment of the lustrous beauty of the entire floral universe, emanating the fragrant essence of Nature itself!

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