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Everyone has a favorite era or time period, probably related to their own past. Mine was the 60’s. So I was inspired to paint Indira expressing the freedom, the love, the flamboyant clothes, marijuana and just the joy of being! I enjoy utilizing acrylic paint on canvas. Majoring in textile design in art school opened my mind into the world of fabric design. I believe that the intricate backdrop plays an important part in setting a stage for the character that evolves. I love to exaggerate features, like long necks and extended chins especially painting eyes, the windows into our universal Selves. Below is her story. Thanks, Helene

“Indira was an unusual child from the start. She was always fascinated with the sixties. Her friends would tease her and call her a “born again hippie”. Her dress, her speech, her manner, everything about her was the sixties. Indira loved to dance to her beloved albums, swaying back and forth entranced in the melodic sound of the sixties.

When she was old enough she moved to Woodstock, New York so she could drink in the vibe, mediating in the now empty fields of that “oh so famous concert”.

Indira made it a point to surround herself with furnishings, fabrics, appliances and anything from that era of the past. Her sweet little cottage, built in the sixties, is perched on a hill surrounded by tall trees and a garden of flowers and vegetables.

Indira loves her life and is so grateful to be able to express herself through her love of that very special time … the sixties!”

Artist: Helene Bess

Price: $2,600

39"x39"/ framed / Acrylic latex on canvas


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