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Madame Rouge / $875

Madame Rouge was a strong woman and really had

a handle on what she wanted out of life. She had married

young and gave birth to nine sets of twin girls. By the time

the ninth set were born, her husband abandoned the

tribe and fled for Morocco escaping into obscurity.

Madame Rouge moved on and acquired a couture millinery

boutique in Paris and schooled her girls in fashioning

fine upscale headwear for high society women. Each daughter

contributed to the tasteful line of decorative hats utilizing

their artistic talent for elaborate fanciful embellishment.

All eighteen girls along with their mother became famous

in the fashion industry. Many newspaper and

magazine articles were written about the talented family.

To this day the name “Madame Rouge” is a synonym

for imaginative millinery.

Price: $875

Acrylic latex on canvas/ framed/ 22″x22″


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