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"Magenta"/ SOLD


Magenta is a senior in high school and has been

getting pressure from her friends to dye

her hair pink. She did the deed and now

feels remorse and regret! How can she go out in public

looking like a mad woman? Magenta decided to go to a

beauty solon and see what could be done with

her outrageous hair. The salon suggested a perm that just might

hide the damage and lighten the dark pink.

After three hours passed her hair was ready for a comb out.

Looking in the mirror she was outraged and in shock!

Turned out that her hair stood out from her skull.

It was dried out, knotted, frizzy and out of control!

Magenta ran out of the salon in tears,

got in her car and tried to compose herself. After a while she

made up her mind and thought that she should make the best

of the situation and celebrate her hair and

maybe even start a fad around school! That’s a

good way to make lemonade out of lemons!

In time it will grow out, after all it’s just hair!


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