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Marsh with Dogs

For over 20 years Eric & Helene have been adding artistic touches and embellishments to homes and businesses, enhancing environments with murals (trompe l'oeil), fantastic faux finishes, mosaics and painted furniture.

They have been commissioned from Florida to Hawaii with custom murals, and faux treatments on walls, ceilings and columns for homes and businesses.

In addition to painting on site they offer “portable” murals on MDO board which the client can install. This can be advantageous because the client can take the mural with them if they move in the future. Also the artists work on the project in their studio with less disruption of the client’s home.

Each installation is designed through a creative brainstorming process with the client and pre-conceived in renderings and samples for creative content, color palette, budget perimeters and sign off by the customer.


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