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"Miriam"/ latex, ink & dye on canvas/ 16"x16"/ $300


Miriam is a very sophisticated older woman. She looks great for her age, this being her birthday and turning 76. Miriam is wondering how to celebrate this momentous occasion. She’s well off since her late husband left her comfortable and worry free. She gives her one son a call to see if they can get together for a midday luncheon in the city. He loves the idea and they arrange to meet at her favorite French restaurant, “Belle Helene”. Miriam gets ready and excitedly slips on a beautiful new lace dress and looks pleased as she admires herself in the three-way mirror.

As a surprise, Miriam’s son planned ahead and ordered a special cake, to celebrate his mother’s birthday in style.

After their delicious meal of escargots and pheasant along with a $500 bottle of Chardonay ‘69, it was time for the surprise. As the waiter carried the birthday cake in a silver tray, he accidently tripped, and the cake flew through the air and hit Miriam right in the face and down her new lace dress. After the shock, they both laughed out loud and had the rest of the customers in stiches…. Needless to say, the luncheon was on the house and Miriam and her son will never forget this birthday!


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