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Universal Persona / sold

“The Core, Source, Point Of Origin behind all identity. The original Self which all “selves” are derivatives of. The essential template of self-awareness all personalities are “versions “of. The first individual all individuals are partial aspects of. The Real person everyone is an imitation of. The Impersonal “I” preceding all personal “me’s”. The Authentic behind the artificial. Constantly emanating Perfect from the Infinite Invisible above All changing, ephemeral self-concepts,  Unchangeable just as “second hand news” never alters the Truth it refers to.  Like a consummate actor uses a part played on stage  It temporarily wears each persona like a mask.”

We offer fine art giclee prints on demand (black & white and color) on premium, archival quality photo paper using archive quality inks; an affordable way to own original fine art! All paintings (sold and unsold) are available as a print.  The originals of the images designated “print only” are sold therefore they are ONLY available as a print (displayed in “giclee print” section).

Each print is accompanied with an original story written by the artists unique to the piece which depicts the work’s inspiration.  In addition, each print is hand-signed by the artists. Since each original work has its own unique proportions, it is centered in the requested paper size as large as possible without any cropping or distorting of the original image, leaving white around the edges.

(see price guide under “About Us/ Pricing” section)


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