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"Olive"/ latex, ink &dye on canvas/ 20"x20"/ #300


Olive lives for her garden which contains exotic flowers. Her most treasured variety is one she has created by using three other species, a secret she will not share as yet. She is well respected in her circle of friends and is an active member of the garden club. She has named her most treasured flower, Olivarian, which has the most exquisite aroma. It fills the senses with such a delicate perfume and makes one shutter in delight upon entering her garden.

Olive has won many ribbons. Every year she embarks on lecture tours for various garden organizations all over the world.

Olive has pride in knowing that she will go down in flora history as the only person worldwide that has presented her special Olivarian. Although famous perfume companies hound her to this day for the rights to market her beloved flower essence as a possible perfume line, Olive is not ready to divulge her secret. Maybe someday!


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