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Shoe 1


Everyone loves shoes. Some out of necessity, some out of pure joy and some collect these “jewels” for the feet just because. There’s something about the shape of the heel, the color and design that makes us line them up on shelves in our walk in closets, all waiting for that special occasion. But why hide them? I decided to celebrate the shoe as an exquisite art form in and of itself. These embellished shoes you can take out of hiding and admire them as an art piece! I invite the viewer to appreciate the common shoe from a new perspective.

Of course, they can’t be worn… although I do encourage commissions utilizing your shoes. I’ll embellish them for that special night out with either hardware, glitz, floral or anything you have in mind. Baby shoes are also welcomed.

Another idea… a wedding day shoe. I can embellish your bridal shoes either for the wedding day or enhance them after the wedding into an art piece with the names and date. A permanent keepsake for that special day, a beautiful memory every time you gaze at your shoe.

Artfully yours, Helene

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