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Tally Hough

Tallie has an older sister, Ida, who because of a mishap in her infancy that destroyed her hair for life has since adorned her head with an elaborate head wrap. Having grown up right alongside her older sister, Tallie became fascinated with this decorative embellishment and adopted the idea for herself. She searches far and wide for specific designer cloth to fashion the wrap just so. The sisters endured years of constant jeers and insults, but stuck it out together. They knew that they could be starting a new trend which might lead to a fascinating career in fashion.  Both Ida and Tallie love to ware funky glasses along with their exotic wardrobe which makes for quite the statement in the world of fashion.

Artist: Helene Bess

Price: $1,650

24”x24”/ framed / Acrylic latex on canvas


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