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The Last Wave / 48"x36" /acrylic on PVC $3250

We are all faced with appearances, meaning the way things look as we perceive the "external" world around us. This what seems to be happening: the "reality" that is going on. Every single individual perceives their own unique view of this and no two perceptions are exactly alike. Appearances can be wonderful or nightmarish, hopeful or hopeless, and definitely overwhelming, but we are each free as to how we individually react to and interpret the present appearance, be it heavenly or hellish.

This image is a metaphor for the different reactions we can each choose when faced with an overwhelmingly negative view of the world "out there" that seems so real to us.

As a universal symbol, I was drawn to the often-seen nightmare image of the ultimate monster wave inevitably bearing down on us, filling our field of vision & certain to engulf us.

The reactions shown include going under, survival, acceptance, fighting and transcendence.


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