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Tree of Life

The Goddess, the eternal mother, the essence of ultimate femininity…She is the central God-Head manifesting as the infinitely nurturing and caring aspect of absolute. As such she is the ongoing “lovingness” which is the supporting, central “tree” from which the entire universe is sustained. As the “Tree of Life” pattern contained within the “Flower of Life” (the essential blueprint of creation) she pervades both sides of polarity – equally omnipresent in the cosmic night and the cosmic day. Her branches are the triune aspect of God- anchored in consciousness as the three-fold flame: Power, Love and Wisdom. The violet crystals and violet ocean of infinite being symbolize the constantly transmuting activity of her presence. The green crystals symbolize the healing energy. The spirits of gratitude (seven in number, symbolizing completeness) are offering the only gift asked for; hearts of appreciation and love.

Artist: Erik Bess

Price: $2,350

20”x30”/ prisma & acrylic on board / glazed on top


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