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Vienna Pitts

Vienna feels her life is in the pits. She has just had a depressing dialogue with her financial advisor who informed her that the economic slump has erroded into her massive inherited fortune. Instead of her total worth being five hundred billion it has dwindled to a measely forty five billion! She is advised to cut corners in the upcoming year. He had the nerve to recommend she take only one round the world trip instead of three, to buy less than three thousand new pairs of shoes, and to consider selling three of her ten mansions. At the ripe old age of twenty-six Vienna never dreamed she would have to suffer the pangs of poverty like this. She is so humiliated she doesn’t know how she can show her face at the country club when word of this gets out. At least she finally knows how the “other half” feel.

After all , she tells herself, she is unemployed too!

We offer fine art giclee prints on demand (black & white and color) on premium, archival quality photo paper using archive quality inks; an affordable way to own original fine art! All paintings (sold and unsold) are available as a print.  The originals of the images designated “print only” are sold therefore they are ONLY available as a print (displayed in “giclee print” section).

(see price guide under “About Us/ Pricing” section)


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