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Dude was born near Malibu Beach in 1984. His father Duke was the first runner-up for Mr. Olympia and is a life-long lifeguard. His mother is also an avowed “beach nut” who makes and sells exotic suntan oils out of their cozy ocean front bungalow. They would put the baby Dude in front of the television and let him watch hours of non-stop “Baywatch” re-runs on tape. At age three he started working out with his dad’s barbells and also started surfing with his parents. By age five he had a chest measurement of sixty inches and biceps of forty-five inches. Taking note of his phenomenal growth his parents entered the petite Hercules in the first annual “Mr. Infant Universe” competition at Venice Beach and he won. By the time he was ten years old he was six feet two inches tall and he became the youngest professional life guard in California history. None of this acclaim and accomplishment has gone to Dude’s head however and at the age of twenty six he is a level headed, forward thinking young man. In addition to his surfing championships and full time lifeguard duties he is taking acting classes. Dude hopes to audition for the David Hasselhoff role in the upcoming re-make of “Baywatch”.

Artists: Erik & Helene / also available as print

Price: $400

Dimensions: 11' x 11'


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