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Klaus and Alanis

“Klaus is a seemingly normal young German who works for a graphics firm in Berlin. He has a lovely pregnant wife named Irma and a three year old daughter named Helga. He deeply cherishes them both. He is thirty-two years old and seems to have a stable life….or at least he did until recently. About two months ago he started having vivid dreams in which he was apparently seeing through the eyes of a young girl of eighteen with an inborn talent as a pianist. Repeated dreams of this sort accompanied by alien memories such as certain locations, sights, sounds, and even smells prompted strong flashbacks of another era, obviously the 1940’s. Klaus was understandably disturbed and he told his wife. She recommended he see a psychiatrist. His close friend Gustav suggested a Dr. Holzemfrumflopin, a specialist in hypnotic regression. During the first session Klaus did indeed experience a previous identity, a musician named Alanis, a striking beauty with piercing blue eyes who played piano beautifully. She’d had an untimely death during World War II. Since then Klaus has been plagued with no more flashbacks, and with the birth of his second daughter he’s had a more pleasant preoccupation. She is now four years old and is constantly tinkering on their piano. Her name is Alanis.”

Artists: Helene & Erik 

Price: $1,350 / also available as print

Dimensions: 31'x 30'


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