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I painted the background a medium shade of green and then proceeded with a “linen” faux technique in a darker green. I sanded the surface to give in a more shabby chic appearance. Then preceded adding the leaves in an interesting composition. After adding my quirky character “Angelique”, I overlapped the blue leaves onto her neck. This, to me, helps the background become alive. Angelique’s eyes are focused on the black feather which is painted leaving the canvas. With that, the observer gets a feeling of relief and peace. Below is her story. Thanks, Helene

“Angelique was an angel, the heavenly sort, good in every way. All the other angels loved her sweet disposition and treasured her giving heart. She did have one concern, however, one more obstacle to overcome… her one remaining black feather! This feather symbolized one remaining grievance she still harbored in her soul from a previous human incarnation. Angelique knew she had to forgive this grievance before the black feather would release itself from her wing. After lots of self-analyzing and hours of meditation, Angelique finally realized she needed to have more compassion for the struggling people on earth and have a non-judgmental attitude toward all of mankind. As this realization came to Angelique she watched as the black feather detached itself and slowly drifted away in the soft breeze of heaven.

Artist: Helene Bess

Price: $2,500

framed / 36”x24” / Acrylic latex on canvas


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