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"Hilda Hyney" SOLD

This painting is painted in acrylic latex on canvas & it’s 43” x 19” framed ( I painted a ”shabby chic” faux technique). When buying a canvas for this piece, I was drawn to a landscape format. I wanted to position the subject, in this case, Hilda Hyney, exhausted, frustrated and just plain fed up, flat on the kitchen floor. Color along with intricate textile design play an important part in my paintings as well as a specialized technique for shading. I love “whimsy” and there is a certain quirkiness to my paintings that hopefully evoke an interest in what the subject is about. I’ve always loved writing short stories and always accompany my pieces with a framed plaque to add to the drama. I wrote her an individual story (available on a plaque with the art). Thanks, Helene

“Hilda got out of bed after tossing around, yet another sleepless night. She sat at the table in her kitchen. In the dark and quiet she heard a tiny peep. After hearing it again she threw herself onto the floor, searching for the sound. What could it be? Panic ran through Hilda’s mind. She spied a tiny mouse hole carved into the wall. Now the real hunt was underway. A mouse! Where is this mouse? Hilda had to find this mouse! She was exhausted after dragging herself around the kitchen floor for over an hour without discovering its whereabouts. Hilda picked herself off the floor and sat down contemplating her next move. Maybe it really didn’t matter. She asked herself what she would do even if she found the tiny rodent. After all, Hilda’s favorite movie of all time was (you guessed it): “THE GREEN MILE”!”

Available as print on demand / see prints section for pricing


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