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"Willow" $1200

Willow came from a long lineage of strong women who honed their craft into an exquisite art form. Her great grandmother was a seamstress for a famous designer in Paris. Willow’s grandmother, who excelled at her craft, was employed at a New York fashion studio designing exquisite fabric. Willow’s mother had her own line of fabulous gowns she fashioned for the rich and famous and was quite the worker bee!

When she was expecting Willow, she was working on a difficult project which took all her attention and was caught unaware when labor began!!

Ten minutes later, Willow entered the world amongst the mannikins in her mother’s studio home on a pile of silk fabric! From that moment on, as you can surmise, Willow was immersed in the fashion world. Her mother included her in all aspects of the fashion production as she grew up and eventually, they worked as a team in the New York fashion industry creating and selling their own brand. To this day Willow is sought after as one of the most accomplished and respected designers worldwide!

However, Willow has one unfulfilled desire; to meet Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum!

also available as print on demand/ see prints section


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