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Reba Wynnette

Reba is the ultimate connoisseur of country western music….not the “new” country with its buff young cow-hunks like Alan Jackson; it’s foxy divas like Shania Twain; and a glitzy stage show that would rival Kiss in concert. No, this glamorous contemporary image holds no appeal for Reba. She strongly favors the old time Grand Ole Opry mystique which promoted stars like Tex Ritter, Ferlin Husky, Minnie Pearl, and her idol, Loretta Lynn. She prefers the twangy sound of a pedal steel guitar to the mega-sound of a wall of rock-n-roll guitar amps and the quaint sweetness of a blue-grass fiddle to the high tech throbbing of a digital keyboard. The current trend of country left Reba far behind as she sits alone in her room with her cat Tex, hour after hour, listening to old 45 rpm’s of Roy Rogers and The Sons Of The Pioneers. She even dreams of becoming a star herself and heading a revival of the old style. She even dresses the part and is trying to promote her own song, “I was born a grocery clerk’s daughter.” Hoping this will be her break-through into the Nashville music scene. Here she sits gazing at her poster of Gene Autry and imagines herself on the opry stage.

Artists: Helene & Erik Bess

Price: $875 ( also available as a print)

Dimensions: 29' x 20'


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