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A Private Joke

It seems seven year old Angelica is always on the verge of laughing. She’s always been like this. Upon being born, the first sound emitted from her tiny mouth was a loud guffaw instead of the usual infant’s cry. Even in repose the pretty little girl seems to be repressing a chuckle, as if harboring a private joke. This odd habit is increasingly irritating her grandparents Enzio and Imelda, who feel she should take a more mature, serious approach to life. They don’t realize they see a different world than Angelica. To her, the entire human scene is a passing but grand movie, full of changing scenes, locations and characters. She doesn’t quite remember paying admission but she figures she must have, so she might as well enjoy the show. And the funniest thing of all to Angelica is that so many (like her beloved grandparents) take this elaborate show so seriously!  After all, they must have paid admission too, so why don’t they enjoy it more?”

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