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Twenty year old Amichan Dalisay was born in Balisay, one of the Philippine islands. She hasn’t left there since that day. She is a member of the Yakan, the majority muslim ethnic group, and at the age of five she became immersed in the folk dance of her culture. Amichan was always enraptured with the flowing freedom of movement and especially with the vivid beauty of the attire which seemed to echo the lush flora of her country.

Her shy nature seemed to find a perfect counterpoint in the uninhibited expression of the Mangolay, a popular Yakan dance. She diligently practiced and after many years of perseverance was accepted into the Ramon Obusan troupe, one of the most respected.

She now waits backstage ready to make her debut. She feels her timidity recede into the background as another part of her moves forward, ready to take over and explode into glorious and joyful grace.”

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