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Beamis and Jake

Beamis is one of those blessed souls who has found his “true place” niche in life. From his young adulthood he has installed and maintained septic fields. Beamis is never happier than when he’s knee deep in a drainage field. His motto is “you’re never happy till it goes down”. His business is consistently thriving and his life is comfortably centered around his work. For the bulk of  forty years, days have consisted in long hours pumping or installing fields and going home to eat Funyons and smoke Camels in front of the telly. However, it seems that as fulfilling as the waste industry has been the rest of his life has been devoid of romance…with one brief exception.

Many years ago fate shined on Beamis with a passionate encounter with a lovely African-American girl, but she abruptly left town for parts unknown, leaving Beamis heartbroken, comforted only by his beloved, odorous occupation.


Such was his life until not long ago fate once again unexpectedly shined. He answered the knock on his door to see a tall smiling man jovially announcing “ Hi Dad…I’m your son Jake!” The meeting could’ve gone many ways but happily it turned out to be joyous for both parties. Now Jake ( a self made success in the air freshener industry) has found his biological Father and Beamis has a true measure of the loving kinship which he’s missed for most of his life. Not taking anything away from the joy of cleaning a septic field, Jake has added a new depth of  fulfillment to Beamis’s existence.”

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