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Bulimia Buttholavich, a ballerina from Bulgaria is a descendant of the buxom Buttholavich clan, well known for their massive posteriors and rotund builds. In contrast to her bulbous kin, Boulimia was notably slender. At age six her elongated frame was a towering six feet eight inches, weighing in at a mere forty five pounds. Her family was tempted to enter her into pro basketball tryouts, but her prodigious talent in dance steered them toward the world of ballet. By age twenty, Boulimia had spent years on her toes, traveling worldwide, leaving audiences in awe. Her frame was difficult to discern as she flew across the stage in her massive tutu. An admiring reviewer compared her to a spinning top as she gracefully whirled like a dervish.

The demands of her art took their toll however and in a performance at Moscow’s most renowned concert hall, Bulimia collapsed from the weight of her tutu in a disheveled heap of crumpled sequins and blue lace. Since her retirement from the world of ballet, Boulimia has taken up residence in Maui and has become a champion body surfer, finding that her eight foot, eighty pound frame is perfectly suited for the sport.

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