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Cassandra radiates a compelling erotic magnetism deriving from far more than her statuesque six foot three inch frame and hypnotic two color eyes. The source of this charisma is that she holds the key to feminine power: an unshakable belief in herself and a balance of strength and softness.Her appeal has nothing to do with lewdness. She sees her body as nothing more than an envelope over her essence which she uses as artistic medium. To extend its artistic statement she had her entire upper torso tattooed. She holds her core energy, others only see her expression. Cassandra is the highest paid show girl in Las Vegas, the perfect vocation for her. Equally in her line is her annual trip to Rio De Janeiro for four days at Carnival. She is the star attraction in the extravagant Samba parade where she is the only performer to have one entire float! To those who would look at her with condemnation, she smiles and thinks: “You’re wearing a covering too …… if you can’t have fun with it, what’s the point?

Artist: Helene & Erik Bess

Price: $3,250 ( also available as a print)

Dimensions: 46' x 38'


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