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What is the true source of artistic genius? is it the artist who expresses it or is it an unseen muse who actually pulls the strings? Whether it manifests through comedy, drama, art, music, or literature we see but the outer effects of an invisible creative impulse. This force behind the curtain is always awaiting a receptive vessel made worthy by it's innate talent, natural skill and willingness to persevere and to develop it's abilities. We are moved to laughter, tears, and appreciation by artistry in many of it's guises, not the least of which is comedy, here represented by the brilliant Charlie Chaplin.

He blazed with an eclectic mix of writing, directing, musical composition, and most obviously, his amazing physical control and timing. His expressive face and nimble form could convey absurdity, pathos, and dignity, all in one memorable character... and yet (to repeat our original premise) perhaps while giving credit to his accomplishments we should also acknowledge the enigmatic wellspring of all artistic mastery.

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