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Colleen McCafferty has always felt a “pull towards her ancestral homeland. She has a deep attraction for the “emerald isle” and everything connected to it, from the color green to dark porter beer.

Born in the east Bronx in 1975 she is the only child of Patrick and Megan who left their modest farm in Killarney after an unexpected windfall.  His only uncle Dugan left an inheritance which prompted him to pull up stakes and head to the states. Upon arriving in New York they knew farming was no longer an option so he decided to open up a pub and with Megan in the kitchen they developed an appreciative clientele. Patrick’s strong tenor voice and skill on the guitar also proved useful as he became the star performer six nights a week at his growing establishment.

With melodies in the air and musical genes the baby Colleen was constantly moving her tiny feet in her crib and in her first steps she was doing a jig. As a wee sprite she was clogging on stage while her dad was belting tunes. By now she is an accomplished performer and has formed an innovative dance troupe that combines traditional Irish dance with Middle Eastern belly dance.

They’ve been a smash off Broadway and many critics hail them as the “next Riverdance”. They’ve been booked for their first world tour which will premier in the Killarney Municipal Auditorium. Colleen’s dream of “going home” will finally be realized!”

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