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Keira is now nine years old. She was three years old when she was adopted by Mae and Alex. They were both in their mid-thirties and had tried unsuccessfully to have children for many years. They contacted an adoption agency, went through all the necessary red tape, and prepared to wait. Eight months later Mae had a vivid dream in which she saw a butterfly enshrouded in light and heard a voice say “We’re ready.” The next day the agency called and wanted them to meet a little girl from the Philippines named Keira. It was love at first sight. It seems Keira was the only survivor of her family after a tsunami hit her seaside village. They were told of a twin sister who also perished named Maya. From the day of her homecoming, Mae and Alex were aware of something remarkable about her. She seemed possessed by a positive attitude and a sense of unshakable serenity. All things are taken in stride and when pointedly asked about this at age eight she simply smiled and said “She’s always with me, helping.” Mae and Alex didn’t probe further and are simply grateful for their beautiful child. One other curious item: whenever and wherever Keira plays outside a butterfly is hovering about her. They silently wonder why… Keira knows.

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