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Ginger Vidas

Ginger is a quiet, unassuming presence as she works at Wal-Mart during the day, but, whereas most people dress down when they come home from work Ginger dresses up! Upon entering her one room efficiency after a hard day at the cash register she dons one of her flamboyant creations, being an aspiring fashion designer. She feels this will keep her mind focused on her goal as she works every night on her innovative dress and hat designs. Wearing something

beautiful and exotic lifts her spirits above the daily drudgery of stocking shelves and listening to noisy shoppers. It also helps her forget the ominous specter that hovers invisibly over her head......the terrifying image of a CHICKEN!

It seems that Ginger was severely traumatized as an infant by a vivid nightmare in which a six foot tall chicken jumped in her crib and sat on her, mistaking her for an egg ready to hatch. Since then all things chicken terrify. Even the sight of a KFC makes her break out in a cold sweat. Her lovely face is marred by a tense apprehension and a furtive backward glance. In spite of this Ginger gives thanks for her dreams. She believes everyone harbors some secret demon and we can triumph over our fears and achieve our heart’s desire!

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