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In life, Gwendoline always loved fish. She admired their beauty and grace and it saddened her that humans had to harvest them for food. By some wonderful cosmic justice, Gwendoline reincarnated as a magical ocean going vessel whose sole purpose and mission was to transport the most beautiful fish in all the earth’s oceans to a higher world where waters are crystal clear and free of pollutants, where there are no predators, and all the sea creatures live free and in total peace. All interactions are based on love  and forgiveness. No one life has to survive at the expense of another. Fish are not needed for food, but are admired for their exquisite beauty and their message of serenity. Gwendoline appointed Felonius as cat captain and guardian. His mission…. Gathering only the fish who are willing to leave behind the old world with it’s old ideas and become the freedom of the new. As the mission is under way, Felonius keeps a watchful gaze over his precious passengers, in this way he is atoning for all the atrocities his feline brothers have inflicted on the atrocities his feline brothers have inflicted on the fish population throughout time.

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