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Hazel Hive

Hazel Hive has always believed efficiency and style can go together. From an early age she has always wanted to be prepared for any contingency that might arise. She arrived at the perfect solution for this in the form of her massive beehive hairstyle. It has been the perfect

storage bin for an amazing variety of objects enabling her to perform an equally amazing variety of functions. If she needs some spare change or extra cash it’s immediately available. If she needs to write a check, it’s in her hair. If she needs some postage for an envelope, she’s got it covered. If she needs some quick clothing repair she reaches up and grabs a needle and thread.

Maybe she wants to play a quick game of softball, no problem. What if she’s seized by a sudden, uncontrollable urge to draw? No worries, she’s got crayons readily available. And what if she wants an impromptu meal and for some inexplicable reason there’s no utensils provided?

No worries. And of course there’s an extra car key in case she locks herself out of her vehicle.

All of this superb readiness is matched by an arresting stylishness and a passion for all things green, inspiring Hazel to dye her awesome cone of hair a lovely sage green. So far the only downside of this unique coiffure has been that a sly bird has snuck in a comfy nest atop her majestic head.”

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