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Honey B Bee

Honey was always irresistible, especially to men. This is a typical scenario and a daily challenge for Miss Honey Bee. Theaters, Restaurants and coffee houses , the country club, the opera, even at the art gallery….. Anywhere Honey goes, she is usually surrounded by an admiring group of men. Her magnetic personality and beautiful smile seems to charm any man that happens to be around her. Just to get a glimpse at her radiant beauty, to touch her silken skin, to here the melody of her voice, just to gaze into her extraordinary eyes… is a wondrous experience! Although Honey enjoys all the attention, she wonders about the sincerity and the intentions behind these incessant propositions. Here we see yet another group of would be suitors!

From (top left) let me introduce: Hubert Hubbard, a college art professor looking for a potential nude model for his student’s life drawing class. T.J. Milton, the shyster lawyer who is representing Honey presently in a stalking suit, (top right). Then in comes (bottom left) Juan Don, a delicate young man who never found women very appealing until his gaze lit on Honey. Next in line is Elrod Schmidt (with the moustache), who is a newspaper journalist, anticipating a cover story on Honey’s life… maybe even a future novel. Placing himself in the back of honey, we meet Rudy Red, the real estate tycoon, who at present has completely forgotten an appointment to show a house across town. At far (right bottom corner), we see Yin Yang, the well traveled spiritualist, who is experiencing a “de ja vu” and has convinced himself that Honey is a reincarnation of his pet rabbit from a previous life.

Artist: Helene Bess

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