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Insomnia 2

Lorenzo is a severely sleep deprived man. As we see him here he has gone nearly six days without sleep. He will probably shut down soon for a brief nap but it’s certain it will be no more than one or two hours at most. Lorenzo is a driven man, a classic type “A” personality. He runs a successful lingerie business and is always traveling from one retail outlet to another, unlike his effeminate twin brother Luigi, who stays put in Florence as a highly recognized fashion designer of men’s apparel. (He is wearing one of his brother’s creations.) Also unlike Luigi, who enjoys a rather libertine lifestyle frequenting nightclubs, Lorenzo never takes time off for hobbies. He is constantly focused on profit margins and the bottom line. Aside from his overdrive work ethic, Lorenzo has only one all-consuming pleasure….COFFEE!!! Only java ranks equal to business in his compulsive, narrow mind-set. The dark brew has become a double edged sword, in fact, because what started out as a pleasurable aid toward keeping long hours has become an addiction that promotes his incessant insomnia. His brother and friends are concerned because as Lorenzo’s prosperity increases his weight decreases. Lorenzo is unworried however because he has secret plans for a less hectic future. As he sips his twentieth cup of espresso in a row he contemplates the sale of his multimillion dollar business, the profits from which he will use to settle down in Columbia as the laid back owner of a coffee plantation!

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