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Isabella 2

Isabella Modigliani, a very wealthy aristocrat and midlife widow, buried all nine husbands and now seeks a possible number ten.

She’s dressed for the part with:

* Midnight black jeweled gloves.

Appraised Value: $100,000

* Exquisite earrings mounted with diamond chips and rare African gems.

Appraised Value: $1,000,000

* To adorn her hat, a broach with a single ostrich feather.

Appraised Value: $475,000

* Her one-of-a-kind original gown, with hand sewn jewels ,designed by her private couturier; Gaylord Bliss, of Paris.

Appraised Value: $6,482.000

She is stepping out tonight and embarking one more time on her incessant quest for her true soul-mate.


(see price guide under “About Us/ Pricing” section)


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