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Laurel & Hardy

The phenomenon of the successful comic collaboration requires two parties so tuned into each other that they function as one entity greater than the sum of its parts.Some prime examples are abbott & costello, lucy & desi, martin & lewis, burns & allen, and last but not least…..laurel & hardy. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were both superb comedians individually, but when paired in hilarious harmony in front of the cameras, they left a unified impression of lovable idiocy. It was as if some invisible crank turned and out sprang the two headed entity of mirth known as “Laurel & Hardy.” Perhaps a key to their durable appeal is the unspoken love between two comrades in misadventure. Whenever Hardy would say to Laurel in exasperation “another fine mess you got us into!”we know he’ll get over it and hang  in there as his partner for the next escapade.And so they remain immortalized on the silver screen, two lovably silly brothers in cinematic eternity!

Artist: Helene & Erik Bess

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