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Marcelle was born in 1900 in the south of France and grew up with an inborn love for her country. As a little girl she read about history’s heroes and dreamed of being a heroine but for a petite little French girl it seemed hardly likely that this would ever become reality. By the time World War I erupted across Europe, she was a comely young woman. When the Kaiser’s forces occupied France and the national situation looked bleak, Marcelle decided to join the underground resistance movement. At this point she realized her patriotic spirit could be best fulfilled with a soft, sultry look instead of a bayonet or bombs. Being gifted with a natural talent for acting as well as being a dazzling beauty, she soon mastered the German language. Marcelle became the “companion” and confidante of many top German officers, being privy to vital military secrets she dutifully passed on to the allies. By the end of the war she took pride in the knowledge that she had in her own way helped her nation much as the heroes she had idolized as a child.

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