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Mark Twain

Sam Clemens [alias “Mark Twain”] is considered by many to be the originator of modern American literature. He was possibly the first media superstar. By the year 1910 He was the most photographed man in the world; literally every day he was in the newspapers, and he was the top concert draw of his day with his phenomenally successful lecture tours. Inherent in his flamboyant personality was his flair for making a sartorial statement, most famously with his signature white suit. One little known fact is that he considered a different trademark garb while visiting Africa on his world lecture circuit. He was entranced with the animal skins worn by the natives and thought of wearing a leopard-skin loincloth on stage. He realized on second thought this would be a bit too nippy. He then instructed his tailors to design the outfit you see here. Never did his audiences see this however, because his wife Livy persuaded him to return to his more familiar white attire.

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