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Mattie Metallica

Mattie exerts a baffling magnetism toward all things metal. It was first apparent when at age five her daddy took her to a local hardware store and inventory started flying off the shelves, many objects clinging to various parts of her body. Luckily it is a low level force and not strong enough to lift any but small objects. It still produced alarm in her parents so they had extensive tests performed on her. They discovered a genetic anomaly that results in an electromagnetic “tug” on metal. Happily Mattie also possesses an intense affinity for metal. She adores the lustrous warmth of copper, the cool elegance of silver, the rich warmth of brass, and the dark strength of pewter. At first she would frequently wear a rubber wet suit under her clothing because it seems to nullify the attracting effect. Now she doesn’t bother. She’s grown to let the pieces land where the may and just enjoy the patterns they form, making her a constantly unique fashion statement.

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