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Megan Bunns

Megan is a very talented lady, bringing commitment and creativity into her jewelry business. A sense of elegance and style exudes from her presence which has promoted her success and skill as an artist. When Megan walks into a room one is immediately taken back and all eyes are unavoidably drawn toward her. As with all truly charismatic people, a part of her appeal is truly a mystery…that enigmatic “something” that defies analysis. There is however, a very obvious and tangible reason for her ability to attract attention… her massive head of hair and long tubular neck!Megan was twenty pounds at birth, ten of which was her hair. As the months and years went by, it became obvious that Megan had a couple of genetic oddities. Her elongated, cylindrical neck, and her hair, which not only was naturally colored like a giraffe’s coat, but grew at the amazing rate of ten feet a day! She learned to make lemonade out of lemons and parlayed what some would see as a handicap into a strikingly unique image.  Megan has her own personal hairdresser cut her hair five times a day. The rest of the time she wears it in artistically arranged buns. Megan’s unusual neck provides a perfect showcase to display her jewelry creations.There has been one area of her life though that has been difficult to harmonize with her “special” traits … her love life. She has had few suitors in fact since a tragic incident a few years ago. An ardent lover got carried away in the throes of passion and was strangled to death in her voluminous follicles!

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