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Miranda C. Bleu

Books are Miranda’s whole world. Since the age of two she could comprehend the most sophisticated fiction, embrace the most elevated philosophy, grasp the most profound science and mathematics, all at the breathtaking pace of 6,000 words per minute. By age eight, she had read every book in her home town library. By age eleven, she had eared her master’s degree in world literature. By age fifteen, she had authored two best selling books. Miranda’s parents always knew their daughter was different. Besides her glaringly obvious prodigy in literature, she was born with blue hair. In social circles she never fit in……. anywhere!! But Miranda C. Blue’s did not care. She felt comfortable in her private world of unlimited imagination. In Miranda’s inner world of infinite possibility and freedom, blue hair was totally acceptable. By now, Miranda has evolved into a striking young woman who is completely at ease with her uniqueness. She enjoys being a circle in a world of squares…. it’s just fine with her.”

We offer fine art giclee prints on demand (black & white and color) on premium, archival quality photo paper using archive quality inks; an affordable way to own original fine art! All paintings (sold and unsold) are available as a print.  The originals of the images designated “print only” are sold therefore they are ONLY available as a print (displayed in “giclee print” section).

(see price guide under “About Us/ Pricing” section)


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