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Amber presents a paradox: she is only at rest when she is in motion. She contacts an inner stillness only when she is swirling, swaying, or undulating with a universal energy. Amber has an unusual perception of which she is constantly aware. Whereas many see themselves surrounded by solid and static objects, she sees a continuous flow of diverse energy patterns that constantly interact to form temporary formations. Others call them objects, people, and situations. They give these momentary “shapes” names in a vain, futile attempt to make them stationary. Amber doesn’t believe in names. She moves with this incessant vortex by which she’s surrounded and effortlessly becomes immersed and one with it. One may well ask “how can someone function in the “real” world with such an impractical viewpoint?” She doesn’t. She only seems to. Like all of us to some extent she has two selves. One she presents to the outer world. The other is her inner self, safe from eyes that don’t understand. In the innermost sanctuary of her heart she privately and uninhibitedly moves and unites with the cosmic dance of existence. In that sacred space of movement for one instant she is no longer Amber, she is perfect energy in motion.

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