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Her name means “the perfect woman has come”.  She ruled Egypt with her soul mate Akhenaten in the 18th dynasty, a unique moment in history unlike any that preceded or followed it. No one really knows where she came from and like her husband no one really knows where they went. What we do know is that they had the audacity to install the doctrine of ONE creator instead of many, instruct artists to make only realistic art, declare priests unnecessary because God is within, and call the military back from conquest to sit idly by. Needless to say feathers were ruffled and all good things [as well as bad] have to end. But questions remain about this haunting couple. What if clues are found in the relics of Tel el Amarna where alongside the now famous bust of Nefertiti is her nude statue over 10’ tall. And the “realistic” statue of Akhenaten standing over 14’ tall? And all the busts found of their daughters each having the same abnormally huge head, long neck, and oddly shaped bodies as their parents? And what if the “alternative” histories proposing this family was not exactly human but instead from the Sirian star system isn’t just new age hype?   As we gaze at her hypnotic beauty what is she gazing at? Could she be viewing our own infinite possibilities? After all, Akhenaten was the first ruler called “pharaoh” and the word means “that which you will become”.

presently at Bowersock Gallery, Provincetown, MA

call 508-487-4994 if interested in purchasing

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