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Object of Desire

What is it that turns a strong man into a slobbering buffoon at the feet of  a gorgeous girl? Apparently there is a deeply entrenched  conditioning within the male psyche which feels compelled to project a seemingly unattainable object of desire. It then tends to place this impossible dream on a pedestal in teasingly plain view but still out of reach. This epitome of transcendant beauty will invariably take the form of “the most beautiful woman in the world.” To some extent this torturous fantasy has seared the mind of every born man child at one time or another, especially during pimpled adolescence. Usually the icon fades and a real person emerges as a wife, friend, or just normal human with imperfections like you and me.But remnants of this unreachable goddess syndrome hang tenaciously on, driving its poor victims to visit porn sites and buy too much viagra.

But maybe that’s all too cynical. Maybe the upside of all this unrequited yearning is that behind every illusion based image of beauty there is something real and truly beautiful! Maybe the way to possess this exquisite loveliness isn’t through pining or preening but through the innocense of laughter. Maybe, just maybe, the way to a woman’s heart isn’t through a lustful sigh but through a hearty guffaw instead!

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