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Percy is feeling weak and wobbly in the knees and his head is throbbing. A number of factors could be the cause. He is standing at the altar awaiting his bride to be. He was too indulgent with the Ripple at last night’s bachelor party (which ended forty five minutes ago), and he is staring straight into the disapproving glower of his future father-in-law as he walks his daughter down the aisle toward Percy. His bride’s dad, a retired army colonel named Slade, never really much cared for Percy anyway. Percy was recently laid off at a grommet factory and he’s filled out applications at Wal Mart and Best Buy but his future prospects look bleak. He also spends way too much time on his lifetime dream: to manufacture and market designer toilet roll dispensers. He is an effeminate twenty eight year old who has never been much of a “lady’s man”, much less a “man’s man”. And yet, with all the cards stacked against him, Percy met the love of his life on his very first date through When he first set eyes on the six foot Myrtle he knew his heart’s search had ended. The miracle of this sustains him now in his bleary-eyed anxiety and he knows tomorrow they will be wallowing in wedded bliss!

Artist: Helene & Erik Bess

Price: $400 ( also available as a print)

Dimensions: 11' x 11'


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